The Margate Guitar Tutor
Who are you

I am a self-taught musician. I am currently signed to Dolph Hamster Music, a local independent record label, and I have extensive experience teaching music.

What do you teach

Guitar, bass, music theory, songwriting, and I provide recording and production facilities.

What have you done

Recently I played guitar on the album 'Mass Debate' by the Anarchists Pogo Party, and also was involved in the production of the album.

First album you owned

'Load' by Metallica. Or 'Spice' by the Spice Girls. I got them both around the same time...

Favourite song

'Gimme Shelter' by the Rolling Stones. There is something about it that makes the hairs on my neck stand up. I have never heard another song that makes me feel like that.

Why you

I am passionate about music and I enjoy writing, recording, performing and listening to it. I am entirely self-taught, which means I am not formulaic. I teach at the pace of the student, and tailor lessons specifically around the person I am tutoring.


PRS SE Custom 22
PRS SE Singlecut Trem
Harley Benton Resonator
Brunswick BTK60 Acoustic
EKS Starfire Bass
Witton Witton & Co. Piano

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